this is a method of releasing musings freely

-a vehicle for meaningful expression, poetic ramble, streams and tidal waves of consciousness. Getting to the point. ( Being the point.)

Where is the depth of field in our society, as mirrored and expressed on the net? are we catching good nutritious fish or getting entangled ourselves?

is the sea being overfished?

So many words; shadows, which may indicate the light, or obscure our sight. Are they pointing to the moon or in its way? Where is the vertical dimension today?

We are always seeking something new, to be different, to be unique, desperate for sensation: looking outwards to ever decreasing horizons, in comparison with imagined others. We must find how to sit still in the storms eye, to focus, as in the original sense of the word, meaning hearth, the centre of the house: to come to the heart. Grow your attention span. Learn to be concentrated.