Love is a sacred word
Love is the name of God
The entire universe is created with Love, by Love, and in Love
Love is the beginning, Love is the continuation, and Love is the end
Love for Love’s sake is divine
It is constructive, it is beautiful
It brings peace, it brings harmony, it brings joy
To the lover and to the loved
But if Love is based on selfishness, egoism,
The very same Love brings destruction
Peace and harmony is based on Love
And used properly, by a selfless mind, for the benefit of the humanity
Love knows no business
Love knows no bargain
Love never expects anything in return
Love knows only giving, giving, and giving
Without even waiting for a thank you
Such a Love is the supreme One
Let that Love Supreme reign over the universe
Om Shanti
Hari om
-Swami Satchinanda, as read on Alice Coltrane’s version of ‘A Love Supreme’…